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About Talbot Stevens

Talbot Stevens’ true passion is helping people benefit from effective financial strategies and behavioural solutions. Confessing to be one of those weirdos who likes math, he has degrees in engineering and computer science. But he’s committed to not letting that handicap him.

His books, Financial Freedom Without SacrificeDispelling the Myths of Borrowing to Invest, and The Smart Debt Coach have sold almost a quarter of a million copies.

Whether speaking to the public, corporate staff, or the financial industry, Talbot’s focus is to educate, entertain, and inspire others towards what financial success means for them. He has started a Help a Friend campaign to encourage everyone to share valuable ideas with others.

Talbot grew up on a small farm, and currently lives in London, Ontario, with his wife, Theresa, and their three wonderful but patience-testing kids, Derek, Ryan, and Kristin.

To learn more about how Talbot’s speaking, books, or consulting can help increase your wealth and security, visit

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