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A brandable Education and Marketing System to help client-first financial advisors increase business. Double Guaranteed.

As a financial advisor, if your target market uses RRSPs, this new system will help you ...


Learn strategies not even taught to advisors, like how pasta can increase RRSP income 25-100%.

How many investors (or advisors) can answer the “RRSP Pasta Question?”


Educate with a Blueprint on how to MAX one aspect of personal finance.

A 4-step process integrating the most valuable strategies on a topic is more efficient than a series of tips, and more effective to implement for advisors and clients.


Quantify value delivered, to deepen client relationships and earn referrals.

Easy-to-use software illustrates how much the MAXimized plan is better than the investor’s current strategy. Most “Typical Ted” investors should improve their retirement savings by 100-200% or more.


Market to clients, prospects, and referrals with an Easy Deployment System.


Coach the combination of strategies that is best for the client, accounting for the critical and overlooked behavioural factors.


Brand yourself, as a leader in client-first education and behavioural coaching to help clients “MAX your Wealth.”


Increase business, Double Benefit Guaranteed.

Increase clients’ retirement savings and appreciation. Earn referrals by giving significant value, quantified. Use the system to earn a first meeting with prospects, differentiating from other advisors not sharing these concepts.


If after one year of using the system, you’re not confident that you benefited more than double your investment, from increased business, stronger client relationships, referrals, and knowledge, you can get a full refund. And you’ll get a thank-you for sharing these ideas with those who could benefit. Refund request must be received before two years after purchase.

How Investors Will Benefit

RRSPs are, and should be, the foundation of most Canadians voluntary retirement savings.

Despite RRSPs being around forever, most investors will benefit from learning ...

the 5 RRSP Refund Strategies

how to avoid the RRSP “behavioural trap”

2 NEW RRSP Catch Up strategies

a simple way to boost retirement savings

the critical, overlooked behavioural factors

a 4-step process that optimally combines these concepts to “MAX your RRSP Strategy”

With an advisors help, the investor receives a customized blueprint that they know is mathematically and behaviourally best for their unique situation. This helps prospects want to become clients, and clients want to refer friends.

Sample System Components

Following are some sample components of the Education and Marketing Systems, branded to “Advisor Name.”

MAX your RRSP Strategy” Blueprint, personalized for “Susan Sample”

MAX your RRSP Strategy” software, fully functioning 30-day trial

PDF book excerpts from The Smart Debt Coach

“RRSP Gross Up Wizard” spreadsheet


If you have any questions or concerns about how one of these “MAX your RRSP Strategy” Education and Marketing Systems can help client-first financial advisors increase business, email or call.