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[ifurlparam param="firstname"][urlparam param="firstname"], [/ifurlparam] [advisor_data param="Firstname"] [advisor_data param="Lastname"] provided you with this blueprint to help you benefit from new and better ideas to fund your retirement.

As we’ve seen, if you’re a Typical Ted, the “MAX your RRSP Strategy” Blueprint could more than double your retirement funds.  

This can add tens of thousands to your savings, or allow you to retire earlier.

Even with more disciplined savers like MAXing Mary, a customized blueprint from these ideas should significantly increase your RRSP and financial security.

Must ACT to Benefit

[ifurlparam param="firstname"][urlparam param="firstname"], if [/ifurlparam][ifurlparam param="firstname" empty="1"]If [/ifurlparam]you’ve read this far, you know that understanding alone is not enough to benefit from good ideas.

Regardless of what you’re building, whether it’s your dream home or your dream retirement, designing the best blueprint in the world doesn’t do you much good unless you turn your plan into reality.

The critical step in benefiting from any good idea is you must ACT on it.

To benefit, once you know what to do, you must do what you know.

While this blueprint outlines most of the concepts to “MAX your RRSP Strategy,” it doesn’t address all of the details, especially for implementation. This is the role of your advisor, who has received specialized training, including how to help you …

  • MAX your tax deduction
  • MAX your contribution timing
  • address important issues to implement a Catch Up strategy properly
  • apply the blueprint to those who are self-employed and have unique cash flow, tax, and security realities
  • MAX opportunities with defined contribution plans like group RRSPs with employer matching 

[advisor_data param="Firstname"] [advisor_data param="Lastname"] also has “MAX your RRSP Strategy” software to quantify how much you could increase your retirement savings for your unique situation. 

To benefit, once you know what to do, you must do what you know.

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To make this Next Step easy, call [advisor_data param="Firstname"] at [advisor_phone] or click the following button to send an email indicating that you’re ready to learn more and customize a blueprint that is best for you.

Help a Friend

Even though RRSPs are one of the better known topics in personal finance, did you learn one or two new concepts that should meaningfully improve your RRSP savings strategy?

When you discover an awesome restaurant or movie, what do you naturally do?

So if you know someone who could benefit from these concepts, please “Help a Friend” and spread the word to those you care about.

If you care, share.

Yes, it feels good to help others by sharing valuable ideas. But it also benefits you in other ways.

When you share useful concepts with your network, your network naturally reciprocates to help you benefit from ideas you’re not aware of. By sharing good ideas, you benefit from the wisdom of many, instead of just one.

If a friend knew these ideas, would you want them to tell you?

Discussing these strategies with a friend is a good way to share. It helps clarify your understanding, which helps you ACT on the concepts to personally benefit from them.

A fast, easy way to “Help a Friend” is to share this blueprint by clicking this button. 

This lets you email a “MAX your RRSP Strategy” Blueprint to one or more friends, personalized for them.

Thank you for sharing these ideas with someone who might benefit.

Helping someone increase their wealth and security is one of the most valuable things you can do for them. I believe that health and relationships are much more important. But money issues can negatively impact these areas as well. So “Helping a Friend” improve their finances could also improve their physical and mental health, as well as their marriage.

Feedback Appreciated

Please let [advisor_data param="Firstname"] know what you thought of this blueprint — what you liked and didn’t like. And if you’d value getting more educational tools like it, and on what topics.

Most importantly, let me know your ideas for improving any part of this “MAX  your RRSP Strategy” Blueprint experience.

You can email me directly at I want to make it as easy and effective as possible for you and those you care about, to understand and benefit from these concepts.

And since it’s web-based, your feedback helps this blueprint instantly improve based on new ideas from financial advisors and investors like you.

FREE Resources

For easy reference, here are the FREE resources included in this blueprint.


  • RRSP Gross Up Wizard” spreadsheet, shows how much you would benefit by Grossing Up and/or inflating your RRSP contributions
  • The RRSP Gross Up calculator on the RRSP Pasta page, determines the Grossed Up RRSP amount for any after-tax amount to invest

Chapters from The Smart Debt Coach

  • [rrsp_branded_url fileprefix="SmartDebtCoach,Pasta"]Don’t Put Dry Pasta in Your RRSP[/rrsp_branded_url]
  • [rrsp_branded_url fileprefix="SmartDebtCoach,BuyMoreLow"]A Commonsense Way to Beat the Stock Market[/rrsp_branded_url]
  • [rrsp_branded_url fileprefix="SmartDebtCoach,RRSPDilemma"]The Keys to the Debt vs. RRSP Dilemma[/rrsp_branded_url]


  • “[rrsp_branded_url fileprefix="SimpleIdeas"]Simple Ideas to Boost Your Retirement Savings,[/rrsp_branded_url]” a 6-page PDF on inflating, including “The (Almost) Painless PYF Plan”

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About Talbot Stevens

Talbot Stevens’ true passion is helping people benefit from effective financial strategies and behavioural solutions. Confessing to be one of those weirdos who likes math, he has degrees in engineering and computer science. But he’s committed to not letting that handicap him. 

His books, Financial Freedom Without Sacrifice Dispelling the Myths of Borrowing to Invest, and The Smart Debt Coach have sold almost a quarter of a million copies.

Whether speaking to the public, corporate staff, or the financial industry, Talbot’s focus is to educate, entertain, and inspire others towards what financial success means for them. He has started a Help a Friend campaign to encourage everyone to share valuable ideas with others.

Talbot grew up on a small farm, and currently lives in London, Ontario, with his wife, Theresa, and their three wonderful but patience-testing kids, Derek, Ryan, and Kristin.

To learn more about how Talbot’s speaking, books, or consulting can help increase your wealth and security, visit

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