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MAX your Wealth Formula

This will be an article on the "MAX your Wealth" Formula.

[visual of 4-step repeating cycle, with "Repeat" in centre of circle]

  1. Learn (shortcuts to build wealth like the rich do)
  2. Analyze (best strategies to achieve goal)
  3. ACT (on what's best for you)
  4. Share (to help friends and yourself)

Advisors using the "MAX your Wealth" systems help you Learn, Analyze, ACT, and encourage you to Share.

Talbot Stevens

Changes to the Blueprint, on the Next Steps page ...

  1. Change "The critical step" ... to "The critical step in the “MAX your Wealth” Formula is you must ACT."
  2. Add "The final step in the “MAX your Wealth” Formula is to share." before "Yes, it feels good..."
  3. Add "MAX your Wealth” Formula, outlines the four keys to maximizing wealth (or success) in any area." to the FREE Resources section, under Other.
  4. add hyperlinks to each

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